Conservative Campaign Management is a nationwide campaign management company that works with Republicans all over the country. We believe that in order for a first time candidate to have the best chance of success, they must operate a well-managed campaign with the appropriate campaign infrastructure. That is what we do best!

We offer reasonable monthly rates for our comprehensive Conservative Campaign Management packages on contract. There are no retainer fees.


We can’t think of anyone more qualified to hold office than our veterans and as such, we offer very generous discounts for those who wish to run for federal office! Make sure to let us know if you are a veteran!


Our full service campaign management agreements are paid monthly.

Full service campaign management means we handle the day to day operations of the campaign and we handle the PR/Press/Social Media, so you can focus on the critical areas that candidates need to focus on – fundraising and going to events. We do not provide Treasurer services.

We get your initial FEC and SS4 filings filed.

We set up your campaign from the start, which includes the professional website, logo, social media, etc, determine what type of campaign it will be, and then we prepare for the announcement which will happen once the campaign is set up.

We buy a domain name that will be used for your campaign. We create, manage and host your campaign website and campaign email service.

We provide a professional, high quality, high resolution campaign logo.

We answer all campaign emails.

We lease a campaign phone number in your district and we answer your calls.

We set up your campaign social media (Facebook and Instagram) and manage it on a daily basis.

We deal with all vendor, media and advertising calls.

We help coordinate your campaign volunteers.

We manage the campaign calendar and scheduling.

We manage your social media advertising (advertising fees are not included).

We provide the strategy, direction and logistics for the campaign.

During the first month of the campaign, we design and provide you with campaign stickers or business cards and other materials to help you get your name out there.

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